Eric Lane Barnes

2012 has been a a very full, busy and rewarding year. In January I participated as a writer again in 14/48 (The World’s Quickest Theater Festival) penning ‘The Descent’ and ‘Faithful Voice.’ Balagan Theatre invited me to write a short bit for ‘Sex/Death: Election Year’ for which I wrote ‘DSR’ (Dead Sexy Reagan). I helped shape and stage the Seattle Women’s Chorus Valentine show, and then went to work on Seattle Men’s Chorus’ Beatles show ‘Come Together.’ Which was followed by Captain Smartypants’ spring show ‘A Pantyline’ at Erickson Theater (home of Balagan Theatre) which - get this - sold out before opening night saw light of day. (Saturday nights of the run were finished off with a late-night cabaret show featuring Lisa Koch, Sydni Deveraux, Jeannette D’armand and a phalanx of naked boys singing.) Former Smartypant Eric Ranelletti delighted and amazed a packed house with his cabaret show ‘Eric Does Eric’ in San Francisco. Then back to Seattle for the SMC summer show ‘Sing Out,’ after which everyone in the Flying House family packed up and headed to Denver for five days of choral madness at the GALA Festival 2012. 

In the remaining month before the SMC/SWC/Smartypants season starts up again I am focusing on writing out the script for the Smartypants 2013 show ‘Son of Trousers of Terror’ in addition to working on several new commissions for MUSE: Cincinnati Women’s Choir and the Golden Gate Men’s Chorus, as well as several new pieces for Seattle Men’s Chorus (including ‘A Social Network Christmas’) Stage Q in Madison Wisconsin will be presenting ‘The Holiday Stops’ which I wrote for Richmond Triangle Players for last year’s holiday season. I suppose it would be bragging to say The Holiday Stops broke all previous box office records for Triangle Players, but there it is.

I feel exceedingly grateful to be able to work and play in the world of music and theater. Life is a rich tapestry indeed.

From top:

Captain Smartypants in ‘A Panty Line’; ‘Faithful Voice’ at 14/48; more ‘Panty Line’; ‘The Descent’ at 14/48; more ‘Panty Line’ (featuring Alex Garnett and Rebecca M Davis); ‘Faithful Voice’ at 14/48 and then more ‘Panty Line.’ All ‘Panty Line’ pics taken by Conrado Tapado. All 14/48 pics taken by Ian Johnston.